Sunday, 27 February 2011

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Saturday, 26 February 2011


Growing old graceful involving a self denial of some things that may be difficult to part away with. Avoiding sugar and other sugary things at age forty (40) will do your body a great favour. Staying away from caned food will really be of good and great help to your health. Dear friend, you need to be balancing up your food in compliance with the balance diet.
You can not belief that taking or eating bitter things, drinks or foods is the best for a sound and perfect health as at age forty. Keep taking salad, bitter leaves soup and other bitter herbs will make sickness to be far away from you.
Always avoid eating too much frying things. Meat is meant for the children and under forty. Fish is good for your health.Taking powder milk is good for an adult above age forty. The only liquid milk that is good & recommended (by Nigerian Doctors) for an adult is THREE CROWN milk.
Some of us find it difficult to denied our stomach a meal, talk less of abstaining from food a whole day. Engaging in fasting once in a week will sincerely help you to loose some waste or metabolic product from your body.
Eating carbohydrate food without proteins is not at all helping your health. Stop eating sweet, and other highly sugary materials in order to avoid obesity. Stop killing yourself with the kind of food you are eating.
Accepting the above contents will enable you to grow old gracefully.