Thursday, 9 February 2012



“Sleeping snoring simply means a continuous act of making noise while sleeping”, is according to advanced learners’ dictionary. To Snore means to breathe roughly and noisily while sleeping. The word Snore may be used as verb or nouns, depending on the way it is used or being used.
Most of the people see the act of snoring as a bad act or attitude. This act served as an alert to notify the people around that someone is sleeping around the place. The snoring sound does make a lot of noise, especially during the night. The snoring noise is disturbing and irritating. This kind of act has caused separation between two or more couples. There was a case of a wife whose husband was taken to magistrate court for divorce as a result of snoring. And the court has no choice than to separate them. Hearing the sound of snoring at time is terrific.
There are lots of things responsible for snore, of which I am going to enumerate with explanation. The causes of snoring are Tiredness, Sickness, Too playful or overplay, Fatness, Wrong sleeping, Over labour and eating too much.

Tiredness, the number one causes of snoring is sincerely as a result of working without resting till time of sleeping. For an instance, sitting at a shop, selling since morning till night and at night at home still finding one or too things to do until one fall sleep. In this situation there is tendency to snore while sleeping. The stresses will surely resulting to weakness of the body which will eventually cause rough sleeping.
Sickness is the second things that caused snoring at sleep. A sick person’s mode of breathing will change while sleeping, since some part of the body system are not functioning properly as supposed. Believing that some part of the body systems are affected while sick. Though the respiratory system takes place in the lung and kidney, but when sick the respiratory hardly or forcefully finds its way into the lung and kidney. To exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide become extreme when sick. Imagine a (carter) running nose patient whom is forced to breathe through the mouth instead of nose. Breathing through the nose is resulted in to snoring.
Too playful or overplay is the third point that caused snoring. Any time you play too much during the day know that you called for snoring when sleeping. Believed me, I can categorize snoring as a sign of having a sound sleep. Surely, most of the footballer must be found of snoring, I guessed.
Fatness is forth point which is another major thing that does responsible for snoring. It was observed that as many fat people do snore while sleeping either during the day or night. This is so because of the fat of their body whose do affect their breathing. As a mere fact, the fat people do sleep with the whole of their body, either wrongfully or rightly, and thus, otherwise resulted to continuous act of making noise while they are sleep.
Wrong Sleeping is the fifth thing that is also another reason for snoring. By sleeping turning your face upward and back on the bed will truly bring about snore. Turning your face upward caused the lung and the kidney’s hollow to closed its mouth, and as a result of that respiratory become uneasy. Therefore, the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide forces itself into the closed hollow of the kidney and lung.
Eating too much is the sixth point which is responsible for snoring of a human kind.    
                                                Written by David 2011