Saturday, 1 October 2016


      At Nigeria's 56 independence you need to get wisdom and change your lifestyle. You are the number one enemy suspect of yourself. Before you suspect anybody suspect yourself 1st. Do you know you are the major problem in your home?. Oh! you are not?. Okay! listening to me, I will explain to you. Initial stage when you and your husband got married how were you relating with your husband? How do you normally behave to him? How do you normally dress? When do you normally prepare his food ready? How do you respect him then and now? How about relationship between you and your husband? Answer all this question in your heart. 

       Friend don't let me deceived you, if truly you wanted to maintained your home, you need a lots of transformation and adjustment in your lifestyle. Your husband may be rich or poor, you may be richer than your husband. You are likely to be the most beautiful ladies on this earth, without good manner and character you will end up divorce. Imagine a young lady who was just married to her husband about 8 years ago, giving her marriage certificate to her parent at marriage venue has already created an impression and suspect in the heart of the husband. She believed that all the final says should come from her parent. What so ever happen in her home was been related to her parent. Pronouncing curses, abusive language on her husband everyday, then where is Love. You and your husband are one, whatsoever happens between both of you should not be heard outside your home. Give your husband the kind of honour and respect you expect from others to him. There was a particular man that do help us to clear the compound of my rented apartment about 10 years ago. We always call him by his name without giving him any respect. In a particular day our compound was bushy and we need him to come and spray it but could not find him. I was in his house looking for him, asked for him by his name from his wife unknowingly without any due respect. Surprisingly, the wife rushed out of her room asking me are you looking for our Daddy? I said yes, where is he. She answered me respectfully that he's not around, sincerely I was shocked, and since then I changed from disrespecting this man from that day on. Honour your husband & people will respect you. 

       Never proud to your husband even you are richer than your husband. Never allow your own decision to supersede your husband's own. Let your own decision be in form of advice, except in a situation whereby the husband is an unserious type. And you can change your husband for better through your prayer. I remember a young lady long time ago whom husband to marry was a drunkard, pool addicted, smoker, humaniser and bus conductor in Lagos. You understand what I mean. I encouraged her to please kindly pray for him to desist from all those act if truly she loved to married him. The man is a good friend of mine, and the lady was my good daughter in the Lord. Though it wasn't that easy but with the help of God the boy changed completely. Though the lady paid the price of: i) prayer ii) Denied herself to go for direct entry for degree because the man in question was school cert failed. This sister sponsored the man to further his studies even to extent of SSCE. Now today they are happily married with children. You will see humility on the face of this my sister. You too can make your home to work for you if you want and you have price to pay. Its a matter of humility, endurance, support, releasing yourself to him, embracing any situation that comes and involve in extensive prayer. Rather endure today that you may enjoying the fruits of your labour and your home tomorrow.

       Never determine sex in your home, always release yourself anytime your husband demand for it. This will make Love so strong between both of you. Never determined the number of children you want, let it be the agreement between both of you. Using prcaution without the knowledge of your husband may destroy your home. If your husband doesn't know how to do it, trained him if you know better than him, instead to be looking for another man outside your home. Give him some food, herbs and drugs that will make him look healthy to perform very well on bed. I remembered the lady I ought to marry initially who run away from me because she taught I can not perform very well, since I was inexperience then. I missed her indeed but later i remember a film I bought long time ago when I was in school, I watched the film and got the message. Another lady I met later who has agreed to marry me, I was begging her to get pregnant for me before we settle down, confessed to me after having sex with her that she was enjoying what they call sex enjoyment for the 1st time and I was amazed. Your husband also can performed better if you determined to trained him. I don't used to have sex affairs with any lady before this period i was talking about and they usually quit in the midst of the relationship with the taught that I was an impotent. I believed I am not talking with unmarried ladies here but rather the married women. Your home is in your hand try to keep it or you regret. 
       If is time for you to begin to dress properly the way you normally dress initially when you got married and ensure you are packaging yourself very well. Let your husband see you as fresh, young and not a worn out worm. Let the food always be ready at the appropriate time. Ensure you are always neat and don;t do amebo. tiantia

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