Friday, 30 September 2016



Nigeria I hail thee, you are a great Nation and a blessed Country. You are rich of all sorts of resources that are precious and costly. You are never poor among the Nations of the world and continent. You are nation flowing with milk and honey. You are indeed blessed with many resources that cannot all be mention. May we talk of crude oil, tin, iron ore, gold, diamond, and other precious stones such as marble, granite, dynamite, glass and so on?  What of sand of different kind like Loam soil that is good enough for farming, sand soil that is good for molding blocks, clay soil which is useful in molding beads, blocks, house, pots, ceramics works, tiles and so on. Your land is good, richer even on the rock, the mountains, the valleys, on highlands and hills to grow varieties of plants. Products of your lands are so good, better, rich and precious for farming even than land on other part of Africa and world. I am not condemning any country but rather praising God on behalf of Nigeria. It shall be well with you and your descendants’ great Nigeria. What kinds of fruits do we mention that is not well grown on you? Is there any plants that refused to bring forth its good taste? Talking of best fruits such as Orange, pineapple, Mangoes, Pawpaw, Tangerine, Cashew, Coconut, war nut( a heart healer, sight brightening) Banana and other fruits that cannot be mentioned with different taste at its season are your products. Peanut, groundnuts, and vegetables such as okro, ewedu, waterleaves, and ogbono are good soup for Nigerians. Emerging Kola nuts, Bitter Kola, coffee, cocoa and beans are good product of Nigeria. Do we talk about different forms of trees that bring forth cash like bamboo, oak tree, maligner, timber, Mahogany and so on?.
Are you not rich in production of crops such as cassava, yams, cocoyam’s, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, corn, millet, rice, tomatoes of different kinds, varieties of peppers, garbage, ginger, garlic, onion, peas, beans and so on. I am rejoicing on your behalf Nigeria for greater thing The Lord God is doing in your land. No life without History. Everyone of your descendant is writing their history for the world to see and for the incoming generations. Though it’s your period of hard, tough and difficult time, know this tough time is allowed to happened, but be not dismay Nigeria tough time will never last, I therefore encouraged you to rather be tough with the tough time since tough people do last. Nigerians, your afflictions is just for a limited period of time everything will soon be alright. Nigerians Awake! Awake!! Awakes!!! from your slumbering, open your eyes, open your ears, open your minds Youth Coppers and young graduates this is the right time for you to sit down and think deeply, emerging, having the foresight of opportunity that you are surrounded with. How these opportunities can be converted to money, be self employed and gain financial freedoms suppose to be your concern. Never allow your weakness, the threat’s of hoodlums, or any uprising discouraged you but rather put on your strength. Cassava alone can gives out numbers of products that are useful to human kinds. Make hay while the sunshine. Never become job seekers after a while rather become employer of workers Nigerians. Never rejoiced getting enslaved under the foreigners thinking you are highly paid rather let the foreigners come to serve under you. Get them employ as expert, specialist and professionals in your companies and get them pay. Stop painting your Country with black paint, bad and non good names. Good luck to Nigeria, good luck to Nigerians good luck for realization of opportunities, good luck for new visions and new discoveries in Nigeria. Many country of the world are sincerely waiting for the manifestation of Nigeria glory. They are truly waiting for the end products of Nigeria to grabs. I believed and I am sure that very soon Nigeria will have buoyant Economic all over the world
I hail thee! I hail thee!! I hail thee!!! Nigeria You are indeed blessed Country. I loved you Nigeria my country, you are a mother indeed and never forgot your children. You cry as your descendant cry, you mourn as they mourn; you bear their burdens together with them and never leave them alone in sorrow. Their joy is your joy their Happiness is your happiness.
I saw a new Nigeria where the cannibals are no longer in existence, no more human eater is found in the nation. The country becomes human trafficking free, no more kidnappers, and no more rape.  A new Nigeria where peace is reigning and no more arm rubbers, no more thieves.

Accept this bitter truth and prophesy it shall be well with Nigeria; it shall be well with Nigerians, it shall be well with her descendants and her well wishers. Suffering, afflictions, hunger, vain labour and long endurance will become history in your land. No more disarray, no more students’ unrest, no more disturbances, and terrorist and the issues of book Haram, Niger Delta avengers and other forms of hoodlums becomes things of the past in your land. There is going to be peace in Nigeria and there is going to be peace to all Nigerians. As many that wish Nigeria well it shall be well with them, as many that wish peace in Nigeria there shall be peace in their life, their home, with their family and for the rest of their life and as many that wish Nigeria prosperity shall surely prosper, they will not know sorrow, nor lack good things in their life. It shall be well with them in the morning, in the afternoon and night. As many Lovers of Nigeria will experience the Love and the blessing of God. Nothing shall be hard and difficult for them in life. They shall surely progress and move forward in life. They will always make it, be on top, succeed in life and be elevated. They will not die untimely and mysterious death in life. As many that pray for Nigeria the Almighty God will pray for them. God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerians, and God bless Nigerians well wishers. Happy independence, Long live Nigeria Long lives Nigerians Long Lives to Nigeria descendants. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 56 INDEPENDENCE.

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