Friday, 9 September 2016

Federal Government should stop the FRSC speed Limit idea


FRSC Speed limit to Nigeria vehicle is presently a child play, since security on Nigerian roads are not guarantee. Therefore Mandating speed limit to all vehicles in Nigeria is like the FRSC determined to trapped people down for the intruders who could easily catch people on their way unaware with their own speedy vehicles without speed limit. President Muhammed Buhari need to stop the FRSC from implementing such idea that is yet to fit our nation to avoid wasting Peoples life on the road.
Most of the policy been introduce to Nigeria are not well verify before implemeting them. There is need to verify probably the policy will be of beneficiary to Nigerians or not. Lets stop killing Our people, they deserve at least their own honour and respect. If Federal government could not put the speed limit into concideration, where then is democracy. Lets bring into Nigeria those policy that will be of great beneficiary to people you are governing. Imaging what happened in some state in Nigeria, their governors only introduced the policy that in not beneficiary to people they are governing but that will rather increase their IGR. And its a pity that the people will still suffer many things that suppose to enjoy from the government.It is not fair. Think twice you will leave that position one day. Stop FRSC from impementing Speed limit its not yet fitting Nigeria. FRSC supposed to draw the attention of both tiers of government to all the bad roads that are causing accident and waste the lives of many people in Nigeria.

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